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Welcome to iArea Calc Website

Welcome to iAreaCalc Website.

iAreaCalc is an app for measuring real estate/land's area and perimeter.
It's the perfect app for evaluating real estate or simply to plan a fence for you property.

It is an easy to use but yet powerfull tool, allowing anyone with an iphone to make a quick measurement of a real estate in a few minutes whithout the necessity of a special device.

Area measurements can be made in m², yd² or ha.
Perimeter measurements can be made in m, yd and miles.

It is possible to visualize the area you have just calculated by switching to the Map View that displays the area on a Map.

While not an high precision tool when dealing with very small areas (anything smaller than a residential lot), when you try to measure great properties the accuracy becomes way better than 98%.

This App has been carefully tested and in most cases it got better result than other portable GPS devices.

This App is a fantastic tool for measuring properties, planted areas, for fencing or evaluation purposes.

For instructions on how to use the app please read the app description on the App Store.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the app, or if you have any questions regarding accuracy please contact us.